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Welcome to "Inspiration Sensations" where we shine a spotlight on extraordinary women and girls who inspire their communities with unwavering confidence and resilience. Here, you'll find stories of individuals who never give up, empower others to be their best, and lead with passion and vision. These remarkable role models serve as beacons of hope and ambition for young girls everywhere, proving that dreams can become reality. Join us in celebrating the leaders and dream makers who make a difference every day.

Children's Book Author


Ashanti Reese

Meet Ashanti Reese, an inspiring wife, mother, children’s author, and entrepreneur. Ashanti’s educational journey began at Camden County College, where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida. With a deep passion for working with children, she has taken on various roles in education, from classroom aide to classroom teacher.


Ashanti’s start into children’s literature was inspired by her first child, Elias. Elias was reading by the age of 2 and, by 4, was curious about how books were made. Motivated by his curiosity, Ashanti penned three stories for him, all based on his life experiences. Though two remain unpublished, her debut picture book, *Azalea*, was one of these cherished stories. Published in June 2023, *Azalea* draws from a real-life encounter with an unkind woman, illustrating how kindness can transform difficult situations into positive outcomes.


Following the success of *Azalea*, Ashanti published her second book, *Arachnid*, in November 2023. This spin-off continues the theme of kindness from a new perspective. Currently, she is working on the third book in the *Azalea* series, with its release date yet to be announced.


Ashanti is excited about the future, with plans for hardcover editions of her books, a finished website, and an array of story-related merchandise such as plushies, folders, and bookmarks. She is just getting started and eagerly anticipates this wonderful journey in authorship. Ashanti Reese’s dedication to education and storytelling is truly an inspiration to children everywhere.

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