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Welcome to the Smrt Grlz Club oath page, where we come together to embrace the meaning and importance of our shared journey. The oath symbolizes our commitment to inspire and empower one another, fostering a supportive community where intelligence and brilliance shine. As members of this extraordinary club, we pledge to uplift and celebrate each other's accomplishments, recognizing that our collective strength lies in our diversity and unique perspectives. We vow to embrace our intelligence, never shying away from our bold ideas and audacious dreams. Through this oath, we embark on a transformative path, empowering ourselves and others to challenge stereotypes and break barriers. Together, we will create a future where Smrt Grlz rise, thrive, and change the world.

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©2024, Smrt Grlz Club, LLC

As a member of the Smrt Grlz Club, I pledge to always stay positive and determined, and to never give up on my dreams and goals. I will empower and support others to do the same.


I will continue to learn and seek knowledge, never settling for what I already know, and strive to be the best version of myself.


As a confident leader, I will use my skills

and intelligence to make a positive

impact on those around me, and to

inspire other girls just like me.


This is my oath as a Smrt Girl, and I will

uphold these values with pride and determination.

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©2023, Smrt Grlz Club, LLC

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