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Remember, as you complete this scavenger hunt, reflect on how each item connects to the values of empowerment, confidence, sisterhood, leadership, dreams, education, positivity, and endless possibilities. Enjoy the journey of exploration and growth as you embrace the spirit of the Smrt Grlz Club!

  1. Find a book that celebrates a strong female protagonist.

  2. Discover an object that promotes self-care and well-being.

  3. Find a book that inspires confidence and positive self-esteem.

  4. Look for an item that represents sisterhood, the power of collaboration and friendship.

  5. Find a puzzle or brain-teaser game that challenges your problem-solving skills.

  6. Look for a motivational song that inspires confidence and determination.

  7. Find an object that represents the power of dreams, aspirations and endless possibilities.

  8. Discover something that embodies the spirit of education and learning.

  9. Locate an item that spreads positivity and inspires happiness.

  10. Discover a quote that promotes confidence and self-belief.

  11. Find an object that represents overcoming challenges.

  12. Discover a DIY project or craft that promotes creativity and showcases your unique talents.

  13. Find a picture or symbol that represents a role model or mentor who inspires you.

  14. Locate a magazine or online article featuring a successful woman in a male-dominated industry.


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©2024, Smrt Grlz Club, LLC

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©2023, Smrt Grlz Club, LLC

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